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We work to make financial matters easier and more beneficial for individuals, attorneys and all the professionals involved. We’ve spoken to groups around the country. We were one of the first settlement planning firms to assist plaintiff attorneys and one of the first to develop expertise in using Qualified Settlement Funds and Guardianships. 

Bigler Group is an innovator in planning for individuals and settlements. We help with life goals and using structured settlements and other tools.


Let the industry’s cutting-edge group assist you in your future.

 Structured Settlement  
Special investment tools that allow for tax free payment to those who have suffered an injury or lost a loved one through injury; lifetime payments, lump payments for education or medical needs, attorney fees.
 Trust Services                
Determine if a trust is suitable for your unique situation and goals.  Assist in trust set up.  If appropriate, refer an administrator to manage day to day trust management.
 Future Planning                
We assist in clarifying your vision for your life and match your financial goals to your life goals.  
 Settlement Administrator 
Coordinate settlement plans, necessary documents and distribute funds.
 Guardian or Conservator 
Serve as guardian or conservator when needed for court proceedings.
 Qualified Settlement Funds 
Accounts that preserves settlement options while allowing for expenses to be paid and streamline the settlement process by requiring a single check from the defense..
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